Sea, water, spaces in between

1st April 2015

Have you seen these amazing photos of the sea, moments of stillness captured by photographer Ray Collins? The power of the moment. You can see all the textures and nuances of the water. Awe-inspiring.

13th January 2015

loughjetty    ballintoy

I spent the last weekend at Corrymeela in Ballycastle, Northern Ireland, a special place in terms of its purpose and its ethos, as well as its location. As the website declares,

Corrymeela Ballycastle seeks to be an open village where encounter, truth telling and hospitality are expressed as we contemplate and live out what it means to embrace difference, heal divisions and enable reconciliation. We are intentional about creating spaces to hear and share the difficult stories and conversations necessary on our way to the freedom of a shared future.

I was at Corrymeela to attend an intercultural arts training course, which explored inter alia how arts faciltators might develop spaces for art-making which address racism and conflict.  It was a wonderful course: it engaged my mind, emotions, awareness of intercultural issues, and my body. We moved and danced and created connections.

I  reflected on my roles as an arts facilitator and a writer, and about creative energy and how it emerges and develops.  I was inspired not only by what was happening inside the training rooms, but by the views from the windows. Corrymeela’s location above the beach and the town of Ballycastle offers beautiful views of the cliffs, the sea, Rathlin Island when the skies are clear, and, from time to time,  glimpses of the coast of Scotland.

The weather was really stormy, with immense winds and dramatic flurries of sleet, hail and rain.  The sea itself was wild and exultant, casting huge sheets of spray.


Slow is the rise of the waves in the storm, tall mountain arcs.

High is the surge of my wonder and awe.

The clouds are exhaling a smokebreath of seabirds.

The power of the moment expressed on the shore.


Sky and water dialogue

still spaces between utterances.

Responses of the brimming light.















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