Paying with a Poem: World Poetry Day 2016

19th March 2016

Celebrating not only coffee shops but a wonderful idea today: some coffee shops are offering free coffees in exchange for a poem. This is my offering, which I will be taking to Belfast today.


Such perfect places for poems to emerge,

Ambience nourishing; new words will surge.

Ground from simmering fragrant dark soils,

Dissolved in pure water, melodiously boils.

Baristas, all focused, in stance reverential,

Skilled at their brewing; their gifts evidential.

Contemplative whiteness of stacked cups and mugs,

Milk in smooth cylinders, pottery jugs.

The music of grinding, harmonious meeting,

The essence will linger, though each taste is fleeting.

Layers of cinnamon, chocolate, oak, sky:

Poetic images gather, lift, fly.



19/3/16 (written for Pay with a Poem, World Poetry Day 2016)


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